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Moving Image: Direction / Creative Direction

In a career spanning twenty years he’s creatively led the production of high quality content and media, for a broad range of international clients. Including productions such as: ICE 200 campaign, Unilever “Powered by ETS’ VR campaign, Activity Superstore 360 Video campaign, EY strategy campaign, BBC World News promotions, DEC Nepal Earthquake, British Airways ‘Silent Picturehouse’, Madrid 2020 Olympics bid, DHL Express ‘Network Operations’, Royal Navy Reserves ‘Life Without Limits’, and the Sochi Winter Olympics. 
Across large-scale campaigns he leads all moving image related production, from concept through to completion, or on smaller scale projects directs individual films, animations, or related productions. He likes to think outside the box, and ensure a distinctive flair & style is evident in all the work he creates. 
His career has evolved into an integrated, media neutral approach. Allowing him to engage with the latest innovations, such as VR and 360 Video, without losing sight of his core vision and passions – storytelling, filmmaking, and creating experiences that engage and resonate with audiences.

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"Our careers have crossed several times over the years. I can wholeheartedly say that Stan is a natural visual storyteller, and a great Creative Director. A true asset to any organisation."
Steve Wheen, Founder, Distillery | Board member, Outvertising | Bloom network mentor

"Stan was a valued senior member of a creative film and video production team during an intense period of work for our agency. He was entrusted to deliver prestigious, high-profile moving image as well as influence the creative direction of our film-led storytelling. Stan is both creatively driven and deeply diligent and has been invaluable to the delivery of major work during a crucial part of our agency history and development."
Joaquin Picola, Head of Integration at M-is Plc

"It was always a pleasure to work on video creation with Stan and his team. We undertook a number of projects that involved some important partner shoots, international location work and very demanding editing. Stan's calm, professional approach to project management and direction was the foundation of some terrific content - and we had a few laughs along the way!"
Steve Christian, Leading Technology & Market Strategist - with deep experience in digital video, IoT and security

"Creative, passionate, professional, he has the rare ability to extract the best from people at every stage of a project and to bring all the pieces together... on time, on budget!"
Vanessa Verplancke-Vigar, VP Commercial Marketing at Insight TV

"I believe him to be one of the most creative storytellers I've worked with. He always knew what he wanted, and knew how to make it happen … selling content through extremely innovative and creative choices. His 'Britishness' spots are some of the most memorable pieces ever produced at Current. I've used them as reference many times."
David Casey, Creative Director - Current TV

"Consistently going the extra mile and turning out quality creative work. I have no hesitation in recommending."
Mary English, Head of Operations - Viasat

"Stan is the creative professional one wants to hire – always cool, calm, collected, meticulous in detail, with an open and individual approach to his clients' needs. I am glad I have known him professionally and I would always recommend his services."
Ima von Wenden, Director - Mayfair PR

"One of the smartest creatives I've worked with."
Steve Blackburn, Marketing Director - Gameplay
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